Cyber Enterprise
Cyber Enterprise

Cyber Enterprise Risk Management Coverage

A distinctive level of cyber protection.

Cyber incidents and exposures are an increasing concern for schools and organizations. Our underwriter, Chubb, has been handling loss data claims for the past 15 years, cataloging a considerable amount of information. A careful analysis of this proprietary data shows that the best way to combat the constantly evolving world of cyber risk is to implement a three-prong approach to cyber underwriting that incorporates risk transfer, loss mitigation services, and post-incident services. Why? Because technology and cyber risks are enterprise-wide issues that require an enterprise-wide solution.

This coverage allows policyholders access to coverage that builds on all of the cyber products that have come before it, incorporating insight gained from years of claims and underwriting experience. This premier coverage is backed by the financial strength of Chubb’s A++ balance sheet and supported by Chubb’s extensive cyber services.

Coverage Synopsis

Third-Party Liability Coverage

  • Cyber, Privacy and Network Security Liability: Failure to protect private or confidential information of others, and failure to prevent a cyber incident from impacting others’ systems
  • Payment Card Loss: Contractual liabilities owed as a result of a cyber incident
  • Regulatory Proceedings: Defense for regulatory actions and coverage for fines and penalties
  • Media Liability: Copyright and trademark infringement within scope of defined media content

First-Party Coverage

  • Cyber Incident Response Fund: Legal fees, forensics, notification costs, credit monitoring, public relations, etc.
  • Business Interruption: Loss of profits and expenses from interruptions of insured’s systems; and with Contingent Business Interruption, adds losses from interruptions of others’ systems
  • Digital Data Recovery: Costs to restore or replace lost or damaged data or software
  • Telephone Toll Fraud: Costs incurred as phone bill charges due to fraudulent calling
  • Network Extortion: Payments to prevent digital destruction/impairment

Cyber Crime (by endorsement)

  • Computer Fraud: Third party accessing insured’s computers to take money
  • Funds Transfer Fraud: Third party tricking a bank into transferring funds from insured’s account
  • Social Engineering Fraud: Third party tricking an employee into transferring money

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