Constituent Satisfaction Survey Bundle

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Constituent Satisfaction Survey Bundle
Constituent Satisfaction Survey Bundle

How satisfied are your students, parents, and employees?

The only way to find out is by asking them. Your students, employees, and parents are the heart of your school and central to every decision you make. Surveys help you better understand what’s working and what requires attention, but the process can feel overwhelming.

Ask critical questions such as:

  • What questions can we ask—and what must we avoid?
  • How do we structure each survey question to elicit the best responses?
  • How do we make sure a survey will provide actionable insights we can use to improve our school?


You can rely on our team of experts.

Gain Honest Feedback

Surveys conducted by an independent third party help respondents feel more comfortable sharing their true feelings.


See Where You Stack Up 

Receive benchmark data about students and faculty so you can see where your school stands.


Define Next Steps

With data in hand, you can make informed decisions and craft an action plan designed to create real, lasting change on your campus and within your community.


ISM's reputation for research-based guidance for schools is well-established, and their emphasis on delivering results schools can use is much appreciated. I chose ISM's suite of evaluative surveys for my school for these very reasons. These surveys filled a gap in our previous data collection efforts, and they are designed in such a way as to produce a compelling, rich picture of our school. Additionally, the results are presented in a way that allows us to get as granular as we need to focus on areas of improvement, while reassuring us that our areas of strength are real sources of well-founded pride. 

Joshua Watson, Head of School | La Pietra - Hawai‘i School for Girls, HI

Start with ISM’s Constituent Satisfaction Survey Bundle. 

ISM offers the only private school survey instruments that measure predictability and support. Collect invaluable insights—so you can finally make data-driven decisions.

This comprehensive bundle includes:



Student Surveys

Measure the predictability and support students in grades 5 and up feel they receive from their teachers, along with how they feel about your school’s facilities, mission, and values.


Parent Surveys

Unveil what parents think you’re doing well and where you can improve. This includes their perceived value based on tuition and their experience through the admission process.


Employee Surveys

Gauge how happy teachers, staff, and administrators are in their roles. Teachers will also share how well they feel they support their students, along with their perception of administration’s support.

25+ questions in each

ISM Seasonal Benchmark Data included where applicable

Net Promoter Score® and results provided as part of the bundle

Data-driven insights to guide future professional development

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