Academic Programs
Academic Programs

Your schedule, your faculty, your advisory program—these are the extras that make your school unique and competitive.

Your programs set your school apart. Explore how to create and build programs that appeal to families and give them an experience they couldn’t have at another private-independent school. 

Your school schedule should be the best fit for your students and faculty while optimizing available time and space. Your advisory program should thrive as it guides students. Your teachers must be adequately supported in their professional growth, while you still adequately assess their performance.

ISM Consultants can help you develop your programs and services into true assets that families love.

Discover how ISM can help strengthen your school’s academic program strategies.


Strategic Academic Planning

For the school that wants to review its academic plan to ensure a systemic approach to your school’s personalized mission delivery.

Every school should have a strategic academic plan, but it requires bandwidth, oversight, and buy-in from faculty and students. Let us help you create a new strategic academic approach and identify priorities for change, such as schedule, curriculum, instructional methods, and professional growth, to ensure the best mission delivery and marketplace stance.

This consultation:

  • provides that academic resources are part of a forward-thinking approach that’s included in the strategic planning and strategic financial process;
  • enables your school to adapt its programs to meet the needs of students in a fast-changing environment;
  • creates an innovative academic system that can continually reinvent itself; and
  • aligns the school’s faculty and staff with the best interests of each student.


Schedule Analysis

For the school that wants to ensure its schedule is the best fit for its students, faculty, time, and space.

Making sure your schedule fits your school’s mission is one of the most economical and effective ways to improve overall quality. With students at the center, ISM’s approach works to eliminate obstacles; make the most of time, space, and personnel; create opportunities to expand programs (for example, advisory and faculty collaboration); and increase student performance, satisfaction, and enthusiasm. An improved schedule can optimally support academics, cocurricular programs, and teachers' planning needs.


Engaging Students in an Extended Period—New Schedule Faculty Training

For the school that wants to help its teachers transition effectively to a new schedule and create engaging, student-centered classes.

Help your teachers lead engaging lessons with cognitive science in mind for long-term retention, critical thinking, and deep understanding. This customizable program supports teachers in imagining how to create expanded opportunities for student-centered learning. While many schools engage this service in combination with a schedule change that includes longer classes, it would benefit any school shifting away from the "sage on the stage" model of teaching.


Advisory Program Development

For the school that wants to create a new advisory program or strengthen its current offerings.

Gain the tools to develop and grow an advisory program that supports your school’s mission and values, meets the needs of your middle or upper school students, and capitalizes on your faculty's strengths. This consultation helps you define and clarify the advisory program mission, advisor roles and priorities, and program layout. It also helps you create a customized plan for ongoing advisor professional development and address issues particular to your school.


Comprehensive Growth and Evaluation

For the school that wants to develop a great culture where leaders, faculty, and staff deliver the mission with excellence to ultimately increase student performance, satisfaction, and enthusiasm.

School environments that are growth-focused, student-centered, and mission-based trust in leader, faculty, and staff professionalism to ultimately support a healthy school culture. This service can focus on helping your teachers grow and develop through three key focus areas: onboarding, growth and renewal, and evaluation. This service also includes the option to learn about ISM's growth and evaluation system for the School Head, school administrators, and staff.



I so appreciate ISM's unified, well-reasoned vision for effective school management. I look forward to encouraging more colleagues to use ISM programs—for my colleagues' sake, my own sake, and most of all for the benefit of our students.

Christina McClendon, Library and Technology Department Chair
Harvard-Westlake School, CA


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