ISM Surveys



Why Should I Conduct Surveys?

Every day, school leaders make important decisions. These decisions range from different ends of the spectrum and may, perhaps, be in regard to tuition changes, the addition of a Mandarin program, or the construction of a new swimming pool. School decisions are often based on unexamined assumptions, which can result in costly school changes. This takes place when the facts do not support the decisions made. Although data is not everything, when combined with institutional knowledge, systematically collected feedback enables a school to operate in a strategic manner. As a result, the school can deliver its mission most effectively.

Schools conduct surveys for many reasons. Just a few are listed below.

  • Measure parent, student, faculty, alumni, or other constituent satisfaction.
  • Gather feedback from families who left your school or those who applied but didn’t enroll.
  • Assess operations, financial position, and governance against best practices to predict sustainability.
  • Determine whether a capital campaign is feasible at your school.
  • Make a specific decision about a planned initiative.
  • Accreditation requirements.

Benefit to You

ISM has conducted more than 3,100 on-site consultations and thousands of surveys with schools. Our solid background in private-independent schools and all facets of their management enables us to identify assets and pinpoint liabilities, and share trends with you. Each of our surveys provides confidentially gathered data and detailed analysis in a written report that guides you in institutional decision-making.

Our Survey Options

Parent, Applicant, and Attrition Surveys

Take the guessing game out of your decisions to discover what your school's families truly think about your school.

Student and Alumni Surveys

    Take the guessing game out of your decisions. Discover what your students truly think about the culture of your school. Our student surveys reveal the truth about your student experiences, giving you the data needed to adjust your core curriculum and electives, improve upon your deliver...

Employee and School Culture Surveys

    Take the guessing game out of your decisions. Discover your school's strengths and weaknesses through assessment resources and data derived from your parents and your Board. Our school surveys unlock the truth about your school's strategic future, giving you the data needed to make soli...

Constituent Satisfaction Survey Bundle

How satisfied are your students, parents, and employees? The only way to find out is by asking them. Your students, employees, and parents are the heart of your school and central to every decision you make. Surveys help you better understand what’s working and what requires attention, but the process can feel overwhelming.