Engaging Students in Any Length Period

Asynchronous Learning Workshop
Engaging Students in Any Length Period
Engaging Students in Any Length Period

Transition effectively to a new schedule and create engaging, student-centered classes.

In response to extensive research on teaching and learning, many schools, whether conducting classes online or in-person, are transitioning to extended periods—but aren't sure how to carry out this process.


You might ask:

  How do teachers support students learning in extended class periods?
  Should lessons, activities, and assessments change in response to longer classes?
  What methodologies and approaches work best? 



Discover how teachers can create engaging lessons, no matter the class length.


Develop New Approaches

Training is critical to successfully transition to a schedule with longer periods—otherwise, teachers tend to do what they’ve always done, for longer!

Become Comfortable

Help your faculty understand the key concepts of teaching engaging classes in extended periods so they can construct a plan for continued growth.

Gain Practical Tools

Discover how to shift from the “sage-on-the-stage” model of teaching and embrace research-tested methodologies for student-centered learning.

Put Students First

Explore the best approach for teaching students who need more support and engagement than ever as they work in the classroom, from home, or in a hybrid environment.

An Asynchronous Learning Course to Help Your Teachers

ISM, an industry leader with 45 years of experience working with private schools, has created an asynchronous online learning course to help teachers deliver lessons in extended periods. This course is built with cognitive science in mind, helping teachers and students in the areas of long-term retention, critical thinking, and deep understanding.

Evidence-Based Practices

Explore how longer classes can lead to more effective teaching and learning.

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Practical Tools

Discover how to plan classes with intentionality and how these changes will impact the curriculum.

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Self-Paced Learning

Teachers learn at their own speed with the support of the educators in their cohort.

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Per Person

This course is offered as a school-based cohort model. This empowers teachers to learn and grow together through discussion boards built into the course. This course is for teachers of all subjects at all levels but is particularly useful for middle and upper school teachers. 


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