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Five Sustainable Edtech Trends in 2022

Business and Operations // January 19, 2022

The use of technology in the classroom skyrocketed during the pandemic and countless programs were developed and quickly implemented. During the 2020–21 school year, districts with more than 1,000 students accessed about 1,449 edtech products online per month.

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Four Tips to Boost Your School’s Overall Wellness Initiatives

School Leadership // January 19, 2022

When school employees model positive physical and mental health behaviors, they are more equipped to support students’ health and well-being and academic success. Conversations about and methods of seeking wellness were given a new perspective and prominence emerging from the pandemic. Wellness programs are more important than ever in the workplace and especially in schools.

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How to Unlock and Understand Your School Faculty's Perceptions

Marketing Communications // January 19, 2022

Your faculty has huge credibility as promoters or detractors of your school. They’re on the front line, working with your students; and their feelings about your school affect everything you do. To determine if your faculty is successfully promoting your school, start by evaluating faculty culture.

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Setting Goals for 2022: Here’s Where to Start

School Leadership // January 6, 2022

As 2021 comes to an end, talk of goal-setting and planning for next year begins. But after a year of continued changes—evaluating and adjusting school COVID-19 protocols, and trying to prevent burnout—setting new objectives for your school might seem daunting and exhausting.

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Why Innovative Teaching in a Post-Pandemic Classroom Matters

Academic Leadership // December 16, 2021

As schools respond to their communities’ expectations for a return to normalcy, questions arise: What have you learned from the pandemic’s unwelcomed lessons? Should your school return to business as usual—and do you want to? What will your “new normal” look like?

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Three Things to Consider Before Making the 2022–2023 Tuition Decision

Business and Operations // December 15, 2021

Despite the unusual circumstances of the past year and a half, educational institutions must still consider the annual question of tuition rates. Unfortunately, the increase of programs and services, talent needs, digital infrastructure, and more have all increased the importance of carefully considering tuition costs.

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Celebrate Positive Psychology to Instill Mental Health Resilience

Academic Leadership // December 2, 2021

Even before the pandemic, ISM’s research revealed 70% of teens said anxiety and depression are major problems. While some dismiss this judgment by reasoning that “we’re just talking about it more,” the dramatic increase in teen suicide rates underscores the validity of this conclusion and the real consequences we must face.

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