Wellness in Independent Secondary Education (WISE) Program

Wellness in Independent Secondary Education
Wellness in Independent Secondary Education

Mental health crises have reached a high point in the news and in schools around the world.

The impact on students who often don’t get the care they need is unimaginable. 

ISM’s Wellness in Independent Secondary Education (WISE) is the only program that provides resources for both students and school leaders to receive medical support when they need it most. Students have 24/7 access to mental health professionals—enabling them to speak to a provider when their need is greatest. School personnel receive a free subscription to our Medical Advisory Health & Wellness Organization (MAHWO)—providing guidance and support through a combination of resources, research, webinars, and access to our medical professionals.


One in Six

children in the United States has a mental health disorder


1.8 Million

additional therapists needed to effectively treat serious mental illness and substance disorders



self-harm incidents by teens since 2019



anxiety in teens since 2019



suicides among people ages 10 to 24 over the past two decades



substance abuse disorders in teens since 2019


24/7/365 Access to Live Health Professionals for Mental & Physical Care

Children should not have to wait for 4-6 weeks to see an over-booked therapist. High school students have:

Responsive image Easy access

Through an intuitive mobile app, students can connect with counselors via phone, email, or text, as well as can schedule virtual appointments at their convenience. 

Responsive imageConnection anytime, anywhere

24/7/265 direct and immediate access to a live, professionally trained mental health counselor via phone call or text message. Your students will never encounter a recorded phone line or messaging system.

Responsive image Help with navigating care

Concierge service: A Care Coordinator will always follow up with the student for next steps and assist in coordinating benefits with in-network providers.

Plus, parents can manage access for students under the age of 18 and feel included and engaged in the process.



  • Mental health
  • Primary and psychiatric care coordination
  • Sexual and interpersonal violence support & advocacy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)
  • Suicide awareness/assessment/prevention
  • Well-being and resiliency
  • First responders support

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Thank you so much for all you have done to support our schools this year. Yours has been the best resource of all.”

Michelle Helvey, Head of School | Oakwood School, California


Support & Resources for Your School Leaders

With free access to MAHWO.org, you have:

Responsive image Direct access to medical professionals for up-to-date strategies

Responsive image Webinars, workshops, and an exclusive community to guide your decision-making

Responsive image Dedicated support from K–12 experts

Responsive image Unlimited number of seats for your school



  • Employee and student burnout
  • Recognizing mental health and substance abuse red flags
  • Your school community’s wellness
  • Developing and implementing response teams
  • Guiding policies and procedures
  • Athletic program oversight
  • Covid-19 guidance

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To bring you the WISE platform, ISM Insurance has partnered with Higher Ed Partners (HEP) HealthCare, a body of experts with over 45 years of experience in higher education, student health, public health, crisis response, and ambulatory/hospital care. Check out these clips to learn more!


Discover who HEP HealthCare is, where we are in the nationwide mental health crisis, the gaps in care needed, solutions, and more.


Watch a live demonstration of the WISE digital platform for both a physical health request and a mental health care request, and see how the parent portal operates.



For a flat rate of $108 per student annually, each high school student has unlimited access to all services and resources provided by WISE. The family’s insurance is not billed for any of these services. If a student requires in-person care, however, then the student will be referred to an in-network provider subject to the family’s health care insurance.

If a student is entering the platform for general counseling or a general medical visit, the school would not be notified. If there is an imminent threat of harm to self or others, however, your school will be notified, and our program will follow your school’s policies and procedures.

At the end of each month or at your request, we can send your school de-identified usage data of students who use the platform and if they’re using the medical or the mental health services. We will identify trends so you can better serve your students’ needs.

The parent must authorize consent for their child to use the app and receive treatment, then the student can access any resource at any time.

Students have unlimited access to this platform and to mental health and medical providers.

Through the app, students can select a text chat, phone call, or email. Students can also schedule virtual appointments through the app.

Yes! WISE is intended to complement your school’s existing counseling resources. We are flexible and will work within your existing setup to fulfill your school’s needs.

We know that some students will be reluctant to seek mental health services if their parents will know what was discussed. Parents will have access to a designated portal where general information is shared. But if the student would like to discuss something confidential, they can indicate that to the mental health professional and it will not be shared in the parent portal.

Yes, students interact with the same provider by scheduling an appointment with the individual.

When a student engages with a professional on the app, they will connect with someone in the platform’s system. At that point, they're not engaging in ongoing counseling, so the student’s location does not matter. But if the student requests long-term counseling, we will refer them to a mental health provider who is part of their insurance network.

Comprehensive reports are available—ISM can provide de-identified usage data for your school. Additionally, your school can receive an aggregate of the utilization across all schools that have subscribed to the program to compare your school to others’ utilization.

Absolutely—your faculty and staff have direct access to our providers. Your school counselor could speak with a psychiatrist or another professional regarding their student’s situation. The program has additional resources so your school’s faculty and staff are supported.

Yes, WISE is supported by an affiliated language service provider.

No, you need not be a member. WISE is available to any independent high school.


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