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    we detail how the Stability Markers relate to ISM X, discuss noncustodial parent policies, and focus on the pervasive problem with education’s rhetoric of rigor.

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    Offering Voluntary Benefits to your faculty and staff is one way to expand your school’s benefit portfolio without expanding your budget. Whether or not your school offers medical benefits or has opted to send employees to the government exchanges, Voluntary Benefits can help you protect those who protect your students.

Recent Articles

The Yik Yak Debacle: Private Schools Respond to Cyberbullying

Policing students on technology and social media can feel like a Sisyphean effort at times. Students always seem to discover workarounds for security obstacles set before them, whether it’s an expensive firewall or the latest generation of record encryption software.

Enter Exhibit A: The Yik Yak app.

Ask ISM's Health Care Reform Specialist

Q: After our Welcome Back Orientation, we had an employee indicate she wished to drop our health coverage effective January 1, 2015, and purchase an individual policy on the exchange. Is this allowed, as our insurance renews October 1?

Disaster Liability: The Tick Encephalitis Case

When is a disaster an unavoidable strike of fate versus a foreseeable misfortune? That question encapsulates the potential risk your school evaluates every time a tragedy like the Sandy Hook shooting or the Ebola outbreak appears on national media. But no one could have foreseen the consequences a tick bite would have on a young private school student returning from a school-hosted trip to China—consequences that would have one school sued for millions of dollars.

Responding to Criticism, Part One

A new school year means new students, new teachers, and—yes—new problems for you, the School Head, to resolve. No matter your experience level, you’ll make a decision this year that will be unpopular with someone. You’ll receive private and public criticism for those decisions, however necessary or difficult they were to make, and be left questioning yourself. What is the most graceful way to respond to such censure?

Oddly enough, we can look to HBO’s new satirical news segment “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” for two great examples of how leaders and organizations should (and should not) respond to candid criticism. The first, commercial fruit juice company POM Wonderful, responded well; the second—which we’ll cover next month—responded poorly.

Comprehensive Interviewing: Phone Interviews

While the “normal” hiring season has long since closed, School Heads are not strangers to the last-minute change of faculty or staff. Despite the urgency of these eleventh hour hiring decisions, you can’t afford to skip comprehensive interviews.

Phone interviews in particular can play a vital role in the interviewing process, as they allow you to determine early on who might do well and who is not suited to the role before you and your search committee invest time and personnel into the in-person interview. With that in mind, we’ve assembled some quick tips on phone interviews to help them proceed as smoothly as possible during this “off season” recruitment.

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