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    Your students are your school’s most valuable assets. Carrying Student Accident Insurance is just one more precaution your school can take to protect your athletes, scholars, and shining stars—for pennies per student. We offer plans to protect your domestic, international, and international K–college bound students.

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Recent Articles

A Report on Why and How Parents Choose Private Schools

Private-independent schools, always aware of the need to perpetually market their programs, often wonder what draws families to private education. What are the latest trends? How can we enhance our efforts to recruit mission-appropriate students?

Strategies for Enhancing Board Member "Visibility"

At many private schools, the Board is an invisible power rather than an integral and involved part of the school community.Your constituents may find it difficult to accept that your school is one of the highest priorities in a Trustee’s life if they never see evidence of that individual’s involvement. It is important to set up a program to ensure Board members are readily recognizable to faculty, parents, and students.

The Right Tool for the Right Job: Three Times to Call Instead of Emailing

The days when people used their cellphones to call their friends and co-workers are quickly fading. These days, a quick text or email is regarded as a replacement for good ol’ fashioned conversations. For busy Division Heads, email may seem like it was invented specifically for your hectic lives, enabling the quick dissemination of information and instructions to the whole school. But email isn’t always the right communication tool to use, and it certainly shouldn’t be your only contact method. We have three instances when you should avoid using email and go for the phone instead.

Support Your Teachers in Their Race to the Finish Line!

There are dozens of articles on how teachers inspire and motivate students, but how can we reinvigorate the teachers? As close to the end of the school year as we are, teachers may feel overwhelmed with the high-stakes final grades and exams happening over the next two months. So, here are a few ways to keep your teachers up and at ‘em through the final bell.

Everything but the Kitchen Sink: Five Common Job Posting Mistakes

Writing an online job posting for an open position can be a real struggle. There’s a delicate balance to strike between honeyed words to attract suitable candidates and brutal honesty about the work your school needs done. Here, then, are some common mistakes we see private-independent schools make when submitting job advertisements for ISM's Career Corner.

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