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    we focus on how to strategize your approach to financial aid, capitalize on word-of-mouth marketing, and develop a ‘culture of data’ for decision-making at your school.

  • 19th Annual Heads Retreat

    Take the academic bull by the horns and form your foundational Strategic Academic Plan at our Heads Retreat on November 5-8 in Miami, Florida!

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    Get professional development you need and the advice you depend on without missing a beat on your campus in 60-minute sessions packed with insightful research, tools, and resources.

  • Options, Options, Options!

    Offering Voluntary Benefits to your faculty and staff is one way to expand your school’s benefit portfolio without expanding your budget. Whether or not your school offers medical benefits or has opted to send employees to the government exchanges, Voluntary Benefits can help you protect those who protect your students.

Recent Articles

Is Your School Secure? Online Filters and Firewalls, Part Two

Last month, we talked about the different types of Internet filters available for school use and how they protect your students from dangerous hackers and disruptive websites. However, as powerful as these programs are, tech-savvy students—or even teachers!—can undermine your system. This month, we’ll turn our vision inward to examine security breaches from behind school walls.

Dealing With Emotional Outbursts in the Classroom

In July 2014, the Los Angeles Times reported a lawsuit between a private school and a parent over the school’s treatment of its students during a time of emotional turmoil. What was the initial issue that sparked the litigious chain of events? A student’s inappropriate behavior during a classroom exam.

Emotional outbursts can surprise and intimidate teachers unprepared to handle them—especially younger, inexperienced teachers. Let’s review how teachers could and should respond to students throwing hissy fits.

Advertising Your Local Business Supporters

Does telling people which vendors or donors have contributed to your school—financially or otherwise—constitute advertising?

To answer that question, let’s play a game of “What If” this month. “What if” your private school has a spectacular after-school athletics program, made possible through community partnerships with local gyms and other vendors. Let's also pretend that your private school has a policy that forbids advertising of parent (read: local) businesses in its various publications and newsletters. Would partnering with these vendors break that policy?

The Pros and Cons of Payment Methods

There are dozens of ways for donors to make their financial contributions to your capital campaign or annual fund, and each has advantages and disadvantages. With your time at a premium, you can’t evaluate them all. To help you decide what method works and which wastes your resources, we've compiled this pro-con list of three common methods of payment.

Open House Tips and Tricks

October heralds open house season. Just as every school is different, no two schools run open houses in exactly the same way. Here are some insights gleaned from the open house veterans on our Admission Director e-List!

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