Group Life and Disability Trust

Group Life and Disability Trust
Group Life and Disability Trust

Care for your employees by providing the affordable coverage they need and deserve.

ISM knows private-independent schools inside and out—we understand how a positive employee culture impacts your students, families, and overall school well-being.

When you join our Group Life and Disability Trust, you gain collective advocating power so your school can obtain private school-specific employee benefits that protect your employees from financial hardship.

Disability Coverage

Disability Coverages

Offer your employees and their families financial protection against the unpredictable, like long-term illnesses. Provide group long- and short-term disability coverages, as well as voluntary long- and short-term disability coverages.

Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Give your family peace of mind, and financial security. Life insurance does more than just provide money for everyday living expenses. It can pay for estate taxes, provide money for college, cover outstanding debts, build generational wealth, and pay for a funeral.

Faculty Members

Coverage Highlights & Benefits

  • Recruit and Retain Employees. A strong health plan is a key to attracting and keeping the faculty and staff members you want.
  • Comprehensive and Competitive. ISM’s Group Life and Disability Trust plans are richer than other standard group benefits on the market.
  • Just for Private-Independent Schools. ISM’s Group Life and Disability Trust is only for schools and is tailored for your school’s needs—you won’t be competing for rates and coverage with other businesses or high-risk companies.

Provide Essential Coverage

Schools are 4x more likely to receive a long-term disability claim due to pregnancy and 3.5x more likely to receive a short-term disability claim than other businesses. Short and Long Term Disability coverage is essential for your faculty members. When you deliver exceptional healthcare benefits for your faculty members, you create a culture of intentionality and care.

To learn more about how our Trust can serve your school, contact us today.

Essential Coverage